Woodbul’s in the trees

The tent rising up


Woodbul’s  on 2 trees  : the easyest  and frequent way to set

Woodbul’s  on 3 trees  : the most stable  setting  situation

this way let you the choice  of  orientamento tenda…

To go in  Woodbul’s

Enter in your garden room from 5 doors  : 3  frontside  and   2 backside

If you find hard to fix it because of the distance of the branche , or they are  too fragiles, WB has  – davanti e sul dietro -  2 x 2 handles  dynema type to hang :

-a rope ladder

-a  normal ladder

-a rope bridge, …

you ‘ll climb  « foot look », the rope will be near a door

Woodbul’s only on 1 tree  : the most complicated …

- Find a tree anhalf big  to build the tent  ( between) on the  branches

- to practice the climbing for  passing behind the  di ramo in ramo